Saturday, 24 September 2016

Ruth Eze says her fiance dumped her because of Genevieve Nnaji

Rising Nollywood actress Ruth Eze will not stop talking about star actressGenevieve Nnaji. She is in the news again for revealing her fiance dumped her because of Genevieve Nnaji; Nigeria Movie Network have gathered.
Ruth Eze and Genevieve Nnaji
You will recollect in this post, where an interview with Ruth Eze claimed she say Genevieve Nnajimakes her wet, while also making Lesbianism comments in-between. She has since been blasted by critics and Genny fans, for making such dirty comments towards their role model. 
Ruth Eze in a recent interview with PUNCH, claims she was misquoted, and that she lost her fiance as a result of that because it was erroneously credited to her in the interview saying that Genevieve Nnaji makes her wet.. She has been in the relationship for 4-years. 
She say she was misinterpreted; but she rather sees Genevieve as a role model and still love her till date, despite costing her four-year old relationship to hit the rocks.  
Ruth Eze Picture
In her words: 
“I am not a lesbian and I can never be a lesbian. My mother is a devout Christian and she is an evangelist. I can never be a lesbian. I lost a four-year old relationship because of that interview. I never said that; all I said in the interview was that I love Genny very much and I still love her till date. I don’t care about what anybody says. I don’t judge anyone whether they are a lesbian or not. It is between you and God because the Bible says we should not judge.” 
The actress made these the revelations and more, during an interview with Punch, and have denied having any lesbian feelings for Genevieve Nnaji
According to Ruth, her ex did not believe her side of the story, and she felt really bad when he refused to trust her even when she told him she was misquoted in the interview. 
In her words:  
“If you are my boyfriend and you cannot stand by me in times of little trouble, what would happen when something big comes? What if it was published later in my career that I was caught in bed with a man and the story turned out to be false eventually? It means he would leave me and my kids when I get married to him. I should not marry someone like that. I have been tagged a controversial actress and you have to stand by me and if you cannot, then you have to go.”  
Ruth also said her ex was not so comfortable with her job on the screen. 
She said the following: 
“He didn’t really have so much issue with my job but whenever I went for a red carpet event and stayed late, he wouldn’t like it. Whenever he was in the country and I stayed out late, he wouldn’t like it. He is based in London. He had issues with anything that kept me out late at night. It is somebody that got married to the likes of Omotola and Chioma Chukwuka. Those are people I look up to.” 
The actress who is now single, is hoping to find a better man who would be ready to trust her in similar situations, given the kind of profession she does. 
 In her words again: 
“God is going to give me that person that would bear everything with me. I am single. I just want a cool and responsible guy. Someone that is not loud and must be God fearing,” she said.

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