Saturday, 24 September 2016

I was misquoted on having lesbian feelings for Genevieve Nnaji - RUTH EZE

Upcoming actress Ruth Eze, who has been trending in the web of controversy lately, have come out to say she was misquoted and misunderstood on having lesbian feelings for star actress Genevieve Nnaji; Nigeria Movie Network reports.

It would be recalled that Ruth Eze in a recent interview published on Sun Newspaper, had expressed her burning and lustful passion for Genevieve could make her jump in bed with the gorgeous actress and mother of 1.

According to Ruth Eze in the interview published on Sun Newspaper and reported on NollywoodSocial, she said: “Only Genevieve Nnaji can make me throw caution to the wind and become a lesbian, but fortunately she is not. I am obsessed with Genevieve. She makes me wet! If she tells me to become her partner today, I’ll apologise to God and jump at the offer.”

She continued further....

“Anyway, I’m not a lesbian and I have nothing against them. If they believe they can stand She continues....

“I want to seize this opportunity to clear all this up. I have never had the intention of been bi-sexual. It’s against God and humanity. I would have taken up the issue legally, but was advised against it by my senior colleagues.”

“I also want to apologize and seek for the understanding of all those this negative reports have affected in any way. It was never my intention to put anybody through any form of embarrassment,” she concluded. the consequences of their actions, then they can do whatever they like with their bodies. I have good boobs that both men and women admire and can’t seem to take their eyes off me,” she had said.

What words do you have for Ruth Eze? Are you convinced she's not a lesbian and have no lesbianism traits?


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