Sunday, 27 March 2016

Photos : Did you know people tattoo their eyeball ? [Must See]

This is so gross, why would anyone wanna tattoo their eyes, staring at this just wanna make me puke All over the world, people are exploring new areas of body modifications. From piercings to implants, people are opting to enhance their looks in various different way, but eyeball tattooing is becoming the new craze among ink lovers. Artist Luna Cobra is the self-proclaimed “pioneer” of eyeball tattooing, having more than eight years experience. He said that when he first started, he wanted to change the whites of his eye to a bright blue color to mimic a character from a 1980s sci-fi movie. According to Cobra, he’s never trained anyone in the field of eyeball tattooing, and over the years he’s continued to fine tune his art as to minimize injury or risks. He warns people against going to just anyone for the eye ink, warning that there have been many people who have gone blind after the procedure. Getting an eyeball tattoo is just as painful as you think. The patient has pigment injected into the eyeball so that “ it rests under the eye’s thin top layer, or conjunctiva,” according to the BBC.

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